Christmas Outreach for Ohio Foster Teens and Franklin County Foster Children

For the 2023 Christmas season, our congregation was grateful to provide $5682 (enough for 227 gifts cards) to the Ohio Foster Teen Christmas Outreach. The congregation provided the donations by purchasing gift cards and donating funds.

We also donated almost 60 suitcases to Franklin County Children Services to support children entering foster care. The suitcases provided are carry-on sized or smaller with wheels. It’s a simple gift that might make a child feel a little more secure in a time of change and unknown. Several members also placed blankets in the suitcases, and one of our knitting groups (Love Crafters) made knitted gloves and hats to send with the suitcases.

One Church Foster Teen Christmas Outreach – Gift Cards for Ohio Foster Teens

Foster Teen Outreach provides $25 gift cards to all teens in Ohio’s foster care system. One Church began this annual campaign in 2019 to help ensure foster teens receive intentional love and support during the holidays. We are excited to partner with them this year. YOUR $25 gift card (or monetary donation) will help spread hope and share warmth this Christmas.

What to Give: $25 gift cards to restaurants and retail stores – or give a monetary donation and we’ll purchase gift cards. Many teens live in rural areas, so we want retail stores that have an online presence and restaurants that are likely to be in most counties. Recommended stores/restaurants may include Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Wendy’s.

Franklin County Children Services Suitcases for Children Entering Foster Care

We’re partnering with Franklin County Children Services to provide small suitcases for children entering the foster care system. This outreach serves children of all ages in Franklin County. Providing a simple but caring gift like a suitcase can help a child feel some sense of security in a time of change and the unknown. Pack up some love and share your generosity with a suitcase for a foster child this Christmas!

What to Give: Bring a carry-on sized or smaller suitcase with wheels. The children aren’t packing a lot, but we can make it easier for them with a small suitcase that’s easy for them to handle.