New Name. New Denomination Affiliation. Same Local Church.

About us and our church name: As of Jan 1, Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church was renamed Reynoldsburg Community Church. The name change occurred in conjunction with the church leaving the United Methodist Church denomination and joining the Global Methodist Church.

Reynoldsburg Community Church has been a locally established church serving Reynoldsburg and surrounding communities for almost 200 years. The church is active with several local organizations and regularly provides support and services for the community. Outreach services include an annual community Thanksgiving meal, several community events throughout the year, and an active on-site Community Center that hosts various programs and provides meeting and conference space.

We chose Reynoldsburg Community Church as our new name because it reflects our priority to support our communities and build intentional communities of faith. Our name has changed but we continue as the same local church and with the same mission to connect Jesus to people of all generations and make Jesus known. We believe the gift of Jesus is for everyone and we are intentional about building and growing communities who worship together, serve regularly, disciple others, and live generously. Learn more about us below!

About us. Reynoldsburg Community Church Logo

About Us

Reynoldsburg Community Church is a Christ-centered church whose mission is to connect people of all generations to Jesus and make Jesus known. A congregation of the Global Methodist Church, we are grounded in Bible-based teaching and committed to sharing the hope of the Gospel with everyone. We believe the gift of Jesus is for everyone, and we’re intentional about building and growing communities who worship together—serve regularly—disciple others—and live generously.

About our Logo

Three circles represent the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The cross anchors the overlapping community circles under the Lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture. The colors represent the multi-faceted expression of God’s love for us and the various communities who come together at the cross. The welcoming font, warm-tones, and neutral and dark blue colors combine as our invitation for all to come to know Jesus and the hope of the Gospel. The circles gather and move forward as a sign of our commitment to reach out to serve and make Jesus known as we build intentional and diverse communities of faith. 

Our Beliefs at Reynoldsburg Community Church

We believe God’s very existence is community – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe and profess the teachings of historical Christianity.

We teach and believe that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God.

We believe that God created all people in His image and should therefore matter to us. Everyone is welcome at Reynoldsburg Community Church no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

We believe that Jesus makes forgiveness possible for everyone – His sacrificial life, death, and resurrection is a gift from God that gives us freedom from the mistakes and failures of our past and freedom to be what God created us to be. We believe embracing faith in Jesus is the only way for this restoration to happen.

We believe that taking time to investigate the claims of Christ is important; doing so within the context of community provides for a rooted spiritual life.

As followers of Jesus we are called to holiness and to bring our lives under the leadership of Jesus.  As we follow Jesus, the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives within us and works to transform us with sanctifying grace.

We believe that the celebration of Holy Communion is a significant way we remember Christ’s sacrificial lifestyle and anticipate His return. When we participate in the Lord’s Supper as a community, it is a time of both celebration and reflection.

We believe that baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime initiation into the Christian community.  The sacrament is a gift of God’s grace that is available to persons of all ages.  We offer frequent opportunities to remember your baptism.

Come Meet Us

The best way to really know about us is to come and meet us. There are several ways to come learn more and get to know us. We suggest how to start below. And if you want to talk to us first, you can call us at (614) 866-5864 or email us at We’ll be happy to meet you and connect with you!